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Shodan Search Queries

Most search filters require a Shodan account.

You can assume these queries only return unsecured/open instances when possible. For your own legal benefit, do not attempt to login (even with default passwords) if they aren't! Narrow down results by adding filters like country:US or org:"Harvard University" or hostname:"" to the end.

The world and its devices are quickly becoming more connected through the shiny new Internet of Things Sh*t β€” and exponentially more dangerous as a result. To that end, I hope this list spreads awareness (and, quite frankly, pant-wetting fear) rather than harm.

And as always, discover and disclose responsibly! πŸ€“

Table of Contents

Industrial Control Systems

Samsung Electronic Billboards πŸ”Ž →

"Server: Prismview Player"
Example: Electronic Billboards

Gas Station Pump Controllers πŸ”Ž →

"in-tank inventory" port:10001
Example: Gas Station Pump Inventories

Automatic License Plate Readers πŸ”Ž →

P372 "ANPR enabled"
Example: Automatic License Plate Reader

Traffic Light Controllers / Red Light Cameras πŸ”Ž →

mikrotik streetlight

Voting Machines in the United States πŸ”Ž →

"voter system serial" country:US

Telcos Running Cisco Lawful Intercept Wiretaps πŸ”Ž →


Wiretapping mechanism outlined by Cisco in RFC 3924:

Lawful intercept is the lawfully authorized interception and monitoring of communications of an intercept subject. The term "intercept subject" [...] refers to the subscriber of a telecommunications service whose communications and/or intercept related information (IRI) has been lawfully authorized to be intercepted and delivered to some agency.

Prison Pay Phones πŸ”Ž →

"[2J[H Encartele Confidential"

Tesla PowerPack Charging Status πŸ”Ž →

http.title:"Tesla PowerPack System" http.component:"d3" -ga3ca4f2
Example: Tesla PowerPack Charging Status

Electric Vehicle Chargers πŸ”Ž →

"Server: gSOAP/2.8" "Content-Length: 583"

Maritime Satellites πŸ”Ž →

Shodan made a pretty sweet Ship Tracker that maps ship locations in real time, too!

"Cobham SATCOM" OR ("Sailor" "VSAT")
Example: Maritime Satellites

Submarine Mission Control Dashboards πŸ”Ž →

title:"Slocum Fleet Mission Control"

CAREL PlantVisor Refrigeration Units πŸ”Ž →

"Server: CarelDataServer" "200 Document follows"
Example: CAREL PlantVisor Refrigeration Units

Nordex Wind Turbine Farms πŸ”Ž →

http.title:"Nordex Control" "Windows 2000 5.0 x86" "Jetty/3.1 (JSP 1.1; Servlet 2.2; java 1.6.0_14)"

C4 Max Commercial Vehicle GPS Trackers πŸ”Ž →

"[1m[35mWelcome on console"
Example: C4 Max Vehicle GPS

DICOM Medical X-Ray Machines πŸ”Ž →

Secured by default, thankfully, but these 1,700+ machines still have no business being on the internet.

"DICOM Server Response" port:104

GaugeTech Electricity Meters πŸ”Ž →

"Server: EIG Embedded Web Server" "200 Document follows"
Example: GaugeTech Electricity Meters

Siemens Industrial Automation πŸ”Ž →

"Siemens, SIMATIC" port:161

Siemens HVAC Controllers πŸ”Ž →

"Server: Microsoft-WinCE" "Content-Length: 12581"

Door / Lock Access Controllers πŸ”Ž →

"HID VertX" port:4070

Railroad Management πŸ”Ž →

"log off" "select the appropriate"

Remote Desktop

Unprotected VNC πŸ”Ž →

"authentication disabled" "RFB 003.008"

Shodan Images is a great supplementary tool to browse screenshots, by the way! πŸ”Ž →

Example: Unprotected VNC
The first result right now. 😞

Windows RDP πŸ”Ž →

99.99% are secured by a secondary Windows login screen.


Network Infrastructure

Weave Scope Dashboards πŸ”Ž →

Command-line access inside Kubernetes pods and Docker containers, and real-time visualization/monitoring of the entire infrastructure.

title:"Weave Scope" http.favicon.hash:567176827
Example: Weave Scope Dashboards

MongoDB πŸ”Ž →

Older versions were insecure by default. Very scary.

"MongoDB Server Information" port:27017 -authentication
Example: MongoDB

Mongo Express Web GUI πŸ”Ž →

Like the infamous phpMyAdmin but for MongoDB.

"Set-Cookie: mongo-express=" "200 OK"
Example: Mongo Express GUI

Jenkins CI πŸ”Ž →

"X-Jenkins" "Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID" http.title:"Dashboard"
Example: Jenkins CI

Docker APIs πŸ”Ž →

"Docker Containers:" port:2375

Docker Private Registries πŸ”Ž →

"Docker-Distribution-Api-Version: registry" "200 OK" -gitlab

Pi-hole Open DNS Servers πŸ”Ž →

"dnsmasq-pi-hole" "Recursion: enabled"

Already Logged-In as root via Telnet πŸ”Ž →

"root@" port:23 -login -password -name -Session

Android Root Bridges πŸ”Ž →

A tangential result of Google's sloppy fractured update approach. πŸ™„ More information here.

"Android Debug Bridge" "Device" port:5555

Lantronix Serial-to-Ethernet Adapter Leaking Telnet Passwords πŸ”Ž →

Lantronix password port:30718 -secured

Citrix Virtual Apps πŸ”Ž →

"Citrix Applications:" port:1604
Example: Citrix Virtual Apps

Cisco Smart Install πŸ”Ž →

Vulnerable (kind of "by design," but especially when exposed).

"smart install client active"

PBX IP Phone Gateways πŸ”Ž →

PBX "gateway console" -password port:23

Polycom Video Conferencing πŸ”Ž →

http.title:"- Polycom" "Server: lighttpd"

Telnet Configuration: πŸ”Ž →

"Polycom Command Shell" -failed port:23
Example: Polycom Video Conferencing

Bomgar Help Desk Portal πŸ”Ž →

"Server: Bomgar" "200 OK"

Intel Active Management CVE-2017-5689 πŸ”Ž →

"Intel(R) Active Management Technology" port:623,664,16992,16993,16994,16995

HP iLO 4 CVE-2017-12542 πŸ”Ž →

HP-ILO-4 !"HP-ILO-4/2.53" !"HP-ILO-4/2.54" !"HP-ILO-4/2.55" !"HP-ILO-4/2.60" !"HP-ILO-4/2.61" !"HP-ILO-4/2.62" !"HP-iLO-4/2.70" port:1900

Outlook Web Access:

Exchange 2007 πŸ”Ž →

"x-owa-version" "IE=EmulateIE7" "Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.0"
Example: OWA for Exchange 2007

Exchange 2010 πŸ”Ž →

"x-owa-version" "IE=EmulateIE7" http.favicon.hash:442749392
Example: OWA for Exchange 2010

Exchange 2013 / 2016 πŸ”Ž →

"X-AspNet-Version" http.title:"Outlook" -"x-owa-version"
Example: OWA for Exchange 2013/2016

Lync / Skype for Business πŸ”Ž →


Network Attached Storage (NAS)

SMB (Samba) File Shares πŸ”Ž →

Produces ~500,000 results...narrow down by adding "Documents" or "Videos", etc.

"Authentication: disabled" port:445

Specifically domain controllers: πŸ”Ž →

"Authentication: disabled" NETLOGON SYSVOL -unix port:445

Concerning default network shares of QuickBooks files: πŸ”Ž →

"Authentication: disabled" "Shared this folder to access QuickBooks files OverNetwork" -unix port:445

FTP Servers with Anonymous Login πŸ”Ž →

"220" "230 Login successful." port:21

Iomega / LenovoEMC NAS Drives πŸ”Ž →

"Set-Cookie: iomega=" -"manage/login.html" -http.title:"Log In"
Example: Iomega / LenovoEMC NAS Drives

Buffalo TeraStation NAS Drives πŸ”Ž →

Redirecting sencha port:9000
Example: Buffalo TeraStation NAS Drives

Logitech Media Servers πŸ”Ž →

"Server: Logitech Media Server" "200 OK"
Example: Logitech Media Servers

Plex Media Servers πŸ”Ž →

"X-Plex-Protocol" "200 OK" port:32400

Tautulli / PlexPy Dashboards πŸ”Ž →

"CherryPy/5.1.0" "/home"
Example: PlexPy / Tautulli Dashboards


Example images not necessary. 🀦

Yawcams πŸ”Ž →

"Server: yawcam" "Mime-Type: text/html"

webcamXP/webcam7 πŸ”Ž →

("webcam 7" OR "webcamXP") http.component:"mootools" -401

Android IP Webcam Server πŸ”Ž →

"Server: IP Webcam Server" "200 OK"

Security DVRs πŸ”Ž →

html:"DVR_H264 ActiveX"

Printers & Copiers:

HP Printers πŸ”Ž →

"Serial Number:" "Built:" "Server: HP HTTP"
Example: HP Printers

Xerox Copiers/Printers πŸ”Ž →

ssl:"Xerox Generic Root"
Example: Xerox Copiers/Printers

Epson Printers πŸ”Ž →

"SERVER: EPSON_Linux UPnP" "200 OK"
"Server: EPSON-HTTP" "200 OK"
Example: Epson Printers

Canon Printers πŸ”Ž →

"Server: KS_HTTP" "200 OK"
"Server: CANON HTTP Server"
Example: Canon Printers

Home Devices

Yamaha Stereos πŸ”Ž →

"Server: AV_Receiver" "HTTP/1.1 406"
Example: Yamaha Stereos

Apple AirPlay Receivers πŸ”Ž →

Apple TVs, HomePods, etc.

"\x08_airplay" port:5353

Chromecasts / Smart TVs πŸ”Ž →

"Chromecast:" port:8008

Crestron Smart Home Controllers πŸ”Ž →

"Model: PYNG-HUB"

Random Stuff

OctoPrint 3D Printer Controllers πŸ”Ž →

title:"OctoPrint" -title:"Login" http.favicon.hash:1307375944
Example: OctoPrint 3D Printers

Etherium Miners πŸ”Ž →

"ETH - Total speed"
Example: Etherium Miners

Apache Directory Listings πŸ”Ž →

Substitute .pem with any extension or a filename like phpinfo.php.

http.title:"Index of /" http.html:".pem"

Misconfigured WordPress πŸ”Ž →

Exposed wp-config.php files containing database credentials.

http.html:"* The wp-config.php creation script uses this file"

Too Many Minecraft Servers πŸ”Ž →

"Minecraft Server" "protocol 340" port:25565

Literally Everything in North Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡΅ πŸ”Ž →


TCP Quote of the Day πŸ”Ž →

Port 17 (RFC 865) has a bizarre history...

port:17 product:"Windows qotd"

Find a Job Doing This! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό πŸ”Ž →


If you've found any other juicy Shodan gems, whether it's a search query or a specific example, definitely drop a comment on the blog or open an issue/PR here on GitHub.

Bon voyage, fellow penetrators! πŸ˜‰



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