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  • AboutDFIR – The Definitive Compendium Project - Collection of forensic resources for learning and research. Offers lists of certifications, books, blogs, challenges and more
  • DFIR.Training - Database of forensic resources focused on events, tools and more
  • ⭐️ Artifact Repository - Machine-readable knowledge base of forensic artifacts
  • grr - GRR Rapid Response is an incident response framework focused on remote live forensics.
  • Volatility - Python based memory extraction and analysis framework.
  • mig - MIG is a platform to perform investigative surgery on remote endpoints. It enables investigators to obtain information from large numbers of systems in parallel, thus accelerating investigation of incidents and day-to-day operations security.
  • ir-rescue - ir-rescue is a Windows Batch script and a Unix Bash script to comprehensively collect host forensic data during incident response.
  • Logdissect - CLI utility and Python API for analyzing log files and other data.
  • Meerkat - PowerShell-based Windows artifact collection for threat hunting and incident response.
  • Rekall - The Rekall Framework is a completely open collection of tools, implemented in Python under the Apache and GNU General Public License, for the extraction and analysis of digital artifacts computer systems.
  • LiME - Linux Memory Extractor




Live Forensics

  • grr - GRR Rapid Response: remote live forensics for incident response
  • Linux Expl0rer - Easy-to-use live forensics toolbox for Linux endpoints written in Python & Flask
  • mig - Distributed & real time digital forensics at the speed of the cloud
  • osquery - SQL powered operating system analytics
  • UAC - UAC (Unix-like Artifacts Collector) is a Live Response collection tool for Incident Reponse that makes use of built-in tools to automate the collection of Unix-like systems artifacts. Supported systems: AIX, FreeBSD, Linux, macOS, NetBSD, Netscaler, OpenBSD and Solaris.

IOC Scanner

  • Fenrir - Simple Bash IOC Scanner
  • Loki - Simple IOC and Incident Response Scanner
  • Redline - Free endpoint security tool from FireEye
  • THOR Lite - Free IOC and YARA Scanner


  • artifactcollector - A customizable agent to collect forensic artifacts on any Windows, macOS or Linux system
  • ArtifactExtractor - Extract common Windows artifacts from source images and VSCs
  • AVML - A portable volatile memory acquisition tool for Linux
  • Belkasoft RAM Capturer - Volatile Memory Acquisition Tool
  • CrowdResponse - A static host data collection tool by CrowdStrike
  • DFIR ORC - Forensics artefact collection tool for systems running Microsoft Windows
  • FastIR Collector - Collect artifacts on windows
  • FireEye Memoryze - A free memory forensic software
  • LiME - Loadable Kernel Module (LKM), which allows the acquisition of volatile memory from Linux and Linux-based devices, formerly called DMD
  • Magnet RAM Capture - A free imaging tool designed to capture the physical memory
  • Velociraptor - Velociraptor is a tool for collecting host based state information using Velocidex Query Language (VQL) queries


  • dc3dd - Improved version of dd
  • dcfldd - Different improved version of dd (this version has some bugs!, another version is on github adulau/dcfldd)
  • FTK Imager - Free imageing tool for windows
  • ⭐️ Guymager - Open source version for disk imageing on linux systems


  • bstrings - Improved strings utility
  • bulk_extractor - Extracts information such as email addresses, creditcard numbers and histrograms from disk images
  • floss - Static analysis tool to automatically deobfuscate strings from malware binaries
  • ⭐️ photorec - File carving tool
  • swap_digger - A bash script used to automate Linux swap analysis, automating swap extraction and searches for Linux user credentials, Web form credentials, Web form emails, etc.

Memory Forensics

  • - High speed memory analysis framework developed in .NET supports all Windows x64, includes code integrity and write support
  • KeeFarce - Extract KeePass passwords from memory
  • MemProcFS - An easy and convenient way of accessing physical memory as files a virtual file system.
  • Rekall - Memory Forensic Framework
  • volatility - The memory forensic framework
  • VolUtility - Web App for Volatility framework

Network Forensics

Windows Artifacts

  • Beagle - Transform data sources and logs into graphs
  • FRED - Cross-platform microsoft registry hive editor
  • LastActivityView - LastActivityView by Nirsoftis a tool for Windows operating system that collects information from various sources on a running system, and displays a log of actions made by the user and events occurred on this computer.
  • LogonTracer - Investigate malicious Windows logon by visualizing and analyzing Windows event log
  • python-evt - Pure Python parser for classic Windows Event Log files (.evt)
  • RegRipper3.0 - RegRipper is an open source Perl tool for parsing the Registry and presenting it for analysis
  • RegRippy - A framework for reading and extracting useful forensics data from Windows registry hives

NTFS/MFT Processing

OS X Forensics

Mobile Forensics

  • Andriller - A software utility with a collection of forensic tools for smartphones
  • ALEAPP - An Android Logs Events and Protobuf Parser
  • ArtEx - Artifact Examiner for iOS Full File System extractions
  • iLEAPP - An iOS Logs, Events, And Plists Parser
  • iOS Frequent Locations Dumper - Dump the contents of the StateModel#.archive files located in /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
  • MEAT - Perform different kinds of acquisitions on iOS devices
  • MobSF - An automated, all-in-one mobile application (Android/iOS/Windows) pen-testing, malware analysis and security assessment framework capable of performing static and dynamic analysis.
  • OpenBackupExtractor - An app for extracting data from iPhone and iPad backups.

Docker Forensics

Internet Artifacts

  • ChromeCacheView - A small utility that reads the cache folder of Google Chrome Web browser, and displays the list of all files currently stored in the cache
  • chrome-url-dumper - Dump all local stored infromation collected by Chrome
  • hindsight - Internet history forensics for Google Chrome/Chromium
  • unfurl - Extract and visualize data from URLs

Timeline Analysis

  • DFTimewolf - Framework for orchestrating forensic collection, processing and data export using GRR and Rekall
  • ⭐️ plaso - Extract timestamps from various files and aggregate them
  • Timeline Explorer - Timeline Analysis tool for CSV and Excel files. Built for SANS FOR508 students
  • timeliner - A rewrite of mactime, a bodyfile reader
  • timesketch - Collaborative forensic timeline analysis

Disk image handling

  • Disk Arbitrator - A Mac OS X forensic utility designed to help the user ensure correct forensic procedures are followed during imaging of a disk device
  • imagemounter - Command line utility and Python package to ease the (un)mounting of forensic disk images
  • libewf - Libewf is a library and some tools to access the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF, E01)
  • PancakeViewer - Disk image viewer based in dfvfs, similar to the FTK Imager viewer
  • xmount - Convert between different disk image formats



  • dfirtrack - Digital Forensics and Incident Response Tracking application, track systems
  • Incidents - Web application for organizing non-trivial security investigations. Built on the idea that incidents are trees of tickets, where some tickets are leads

Picture Analysis

  • Ghiro - A fully automated tool designed to run forensics analysis over a massive amount of images
  • sherloq - An open-source digital photographic image forensic toolset

Metadata Forensics

  • ExifTool by Phil Harvey
  • FOCA - FOCA is a tool used mainly to find metadata and hidden information in the documents


  • Sonicvisualizer
  • Steghide - is a steganography program that hides data in various kinds of image and audio files
  • Wavsteg - is a steganography program that hides data in various kinds of image and audio files
  • Zsteg - A steganographic coder for WAV files

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