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A Set of resources to understand Nodejs

Table of Contents

  1. Understand Nodejs

    - Not to miss the official docs - What is nodejs - FreeCodecamp - Node.js V8 internals: an illustrative primer - What you should know to really understand the Node.js Event Loop - Nodeschool

2) Event Loop

- [Philip Roberts: What the heck is the event loop anyway? | JSConf EU](
- [Event Loop series - Part 1]( - \*Great read for understanding nodejs with practical examples
- [Jake Archibald: In The Loop - JSConf.Asia 2018]( - Video explaining what the even loop is.
- [Loupe]( - Loupe is a little visualisation to help you understand how JavaScript's call stack/event loop/callback queue interact with each other.

3) Tutorials

- [Node Oauth Implementation](
- [Twitter Bot Tutorial - Node.js](