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A to Z Resources for Students Awesome


Google Summer of Code

1. List of Top Orgranisation in GSOC

a. Mozilla

b. The Apache Software Foundation (Java, C, Erlang)

c. Django Software Foundation(Python, Django)

d. FossAsia(Java, Javascript)

e. Git (C, Shellscript)

f. Gnome (C, Python, Javascript)

g. Institute for Artificial Intelligence (C++, Python)

h. Metasploit (Ruby, Python ,C)

i. Teammates (Java, Google Cloud Engine)

2. Explanatory videos

a. How to prepare for GSoC? by a GSoC student - I.O. Stream

b. Approaching an organisation - I.O. Stream

c. GSOC - GeeksForGeeks

d. GSOC 2019: Beginner's Guide from a 2 time GSOC student | ft. Akshay Deep

e. GSOC 2019: Solving Bugs and Proposal Preparation | ft. Akshay Deep

f. How to prepare for Google Summer of Code GSoC [Hindi/Hinglish]

3. Blogs/Articles

a. Cracking Google Summer of Code 101 (


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