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Open a PCAP

tcpdump -­r password_cracking_filtered.pcap

Cut only IP addresses from the traffic

tcpdump -­r password_cracking_filtered.pcap  | awk-­‐F" " '{print $3}' | sort -­‐u | head

Filter Destination or Source

tcpdump -n src host <ip> -­r password_cracking_filtered.pcap
tcpdump -n dst host <ip> ‐r password_cracking_filtered.pcap
tcpdump -n port <port> -­r password_cracking_filtered.pcap

Advanced Header Filtering

tcpdump -A -n 'tcp[13] = 24' -­‐r password_cracking_filtered.pcap

Other important flags

  • -nn stop DNS and service names lookup (performance+)
  • -X and -XX can be used to print each packet in hex and ascii
  • -A print packets in ASCII
  • -S to print absolute sequence numbers
  • -s can be used to increase the default snap-length from 262144 to higher
  • -s 0 to capture full packet