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APT sources


Order of name resolution


DNS Hosts File


DNS sever Information


Kernel module config


Sys calls

/usr/include /i386-linux-gnu/asm/unistd_32.h

OS version info




Bootloader - GRUB2

Main configuration file (replaces menu.lst in GRUB (v1))


Directory contains the scripts that build the grub.cfg

- 00_header - Loads the settings from /etc/default/grub - 05_debian_theme - Defines the colors, background, etc. - 10_linux - Loads the menu entries - 20_memtest86 - Loads the memory tester - 30_os-prober - Scans the hard drives for other operating systems - 40_custom - Template for manually adding other menu entries

File contains the GRUB menu settings


Run update-grub after modifying.





Log mail events of all priorities to /var/log/mail.

mail.* /var/log/mail

*.emerg *

Log all events of the emergency priority (emerg) to all logged on users.