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    • KVH CommBox terminals
    • Vessel name / network structure leaked
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Vuln Ship Tracker


  • ECDIS are the electronic chart systems that are needed to navigate.
  • AIS transceiver - system that ships use to avoid colliding with each other.
  • NMEA 0183 messages
    • Ethernet and serial networks are often ‘bridged’ at several points (GPS,satcom terminal, ECDIS)
    • OT systems are used to control the steering gear, engines, ballast pumps and lots more.
    • They communicate using NMEA 0183 messages.
    • No message authentication, encryption or validation (only 2 byte XOR checksum)

Attack Patterns

  • Spoof the ECDIS using the vulnerable config interface, 'grow' the ship and 'jump' it in to the shipping lanes.
    • Other ships AIS will alert the ships captain to a collision scenario
  • MitM and change NMEA 0183 messages to read differently
    • Ex: change the rudder command by modifying a GPS autopilot command